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Eleventh meeting on iMaging And eLectrical Technologies


MALT 2013


April 25-28, 2013
Noordwijk / Leiden - The Netherlands



The MALT meeting is a round table conference focusing on the correlation of electrocardiography and cardiac imaging. The conference is a yearly recurring event organised by an international study group, comprising, among others, biomedical engineers and clinical and basic cardiologists and physiologists from different countries. The meeting allows to communicate the latest developments in the respective research and clinical fields. All sessions are plenary, and consist of in-depth presentations and discussions with time-slots of 30 minutes. In addition, there are 2 keynote lectures, addressing the basics of vectorcardiography.


Successful meetings have been held in several university cities such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Lund, Aarhüs, Maastricht and Bratislava. The next, 11th, meeting, is held in Leiden, The Netherlands, where a century ago Einthoven, Father of Electrocardiography, did his pioneering work for which he received the 1924 Nobelprize in Physiology/Medicine.


Willem Einthoven, 1860-1927, Father of Electrocardiology


The meeting is jointly organized by the Cardiology Departments of Leiden University Medical Center and Maastricht University Medical Center.



Leiden University Medical Center                                        Maastricht University Medical Center


We gratefully acknowledge financial support by Fysiologic, Medtronic, St. Jude Medical, Stichting Maastricht Educational Cardiology Exchange and Heart Center Leiden







Thursday, April 25

04:00 PM    Starting 04:00 PM a student is waiting for you in the Central Hall of the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC, next to trainstation Leiden CS); you can leave your luggage there
06:00 PM    Boerhaave event: Walk from the LUMC to the Boerhaave Museum, exclusively opened for the MALT participants; after the museum visit we walk to Cafe Diner "De Grote Beer" where we will have diner
                    If you are late (later than 06:00 PM), go anyway first to the Central Hall of the LUMC, you can leave your luggage there and you'll get instructions how to catch up with the group
09:30 PM    Walk back to the LUMC and travel to Hotel "De Witte Raaf" by bus

Friday, April 26

Session 1: New insights into the electrocardiogram; chairpersons Galen Wagner & Bas Bekkers

08:30 AM    Welcome address by Galen Wagner; announcement of the Young Investigators Competition by Olle Pahlm
08:45 AM    Mark Potse, Lugano: Inferring physiological parameters in heart-hailure patients using a realistic computational model and patient-tailored anatomies
09:15 AM    Vivian Kamphuis, Leiden: Electrocardiographic detection of right ventricular pressure overload
09:45 AM    Daniëlle Keulards, Maastricht: Terminal QRS axis in right bundle branch block and Brugada's syndrome
10:15 AM    Hedwig Andersson, Copenhagen: ECG changes in patients with STEMI and angiographically normal coronary arteries
10:45 AM    Break
11:15 AM    Thomas Christensen, Copenhagen: Differentiation between Takotsubo cardiomyopathy and ST-segment myocardial infarction admission ECGs

Friday Keynote Lecture

Herman Carel Burger, 1893-1965
Download Burger's 1962-1963 course Electrical Heart Function ("De elektrische werking van het hart", in Dutch, 147 pp, 45 Mbyte)

11:45 AM    Gerard van Herpen, Rotterdam: Professor Burger and the concept of vectorcardiography
12:30 AM    Luncheon break

Session 2: Vectorcardiography; chairpersons Ljuba Bacharova & Frits Prinzen

01:30 PM    Cato ter Haar, Leiden: ST and ventricular gradient difference vectors to characterize acute ischemia
02:00 PM    Caroline van Deursen, Maastricht: Vectorcardiography for prediction of optimal AV delay in patients with cardiac synchronization therapy
02:30 PM    Ljuba Bacharova, Bratislava, SK: The ventricular gradient and spatial QRS-T angle in LVH: a computer modelling study
03.00 PM    Break
03:30 PM    Liliane Wecke, Stockholm: Vectorcardiography for evaluation of electrical remodeling in cardiac resynchronization therapy
04:00 PM    Stefanie Hillebrand, Leiden: Adiposity and electrocardiographic measures of sympathetic activation in individuals with structurally normal hearts: the NEO study

Social Program

04:45 PM    Group picture (wheather permitting we'll make the group picture in the flower fields)
05:00 PM    Tulipmania event: travel by bus to a flower bulb farm, Tulipmania lecture by Arie Maan, show around (machinery and cultures outside) by owner Stan van der Vlugt, diner at the location
09:30 PM    Return to Hotel "De Witte Raaf" by bus

Saturday, April 27

Session 3: Ischemia and infarction; chairpersons Jan Kors & Mark Potse

08:30 AM    Sjoerd Bouwmeester & Irene van Hellemond, Maastricht: QRS and ST estimation of the risk region during myocardial infarction
09:00 AM    Esben Carlsen, Copenhagen: Stability of electrocardiographically estimated myocardial area at risk in patients with ST elevation myocardial infarction
09:30 AM    Andreas Fredholm, Stockholm: Heart failure shows increased pulmonary blood volume by cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging
10:00 AM    Break
10:30 AM    Arie Maan, Leiden, & Anton Gorgels, Maastricht: STEAM (ST Elevation, Azimuth, Magnitude): a VCG-based teaching tool for the 3D visualization of the injury vector in the acute coronary syndrome

Saturday Keynote Lecture

Spatial angle = angle between the 3D QRS and T integrals

11:15 AM    Adriaan van Oosterom, Nijmegen: Biophysical background of the spatial QRS-T angle
12.00 AM    Luncheon break

Session 4: ECG-MRI correlation; chairpersons Lia Bang & Martin Ugander

01:30 PM    Daniel Goldwasser, Buenos Aires: ECG-CE-MR correlation in post-myocardial infarction patients with Q-wave: new data
02:00 PM    Sebastian Haby, Stockholm: Evaluating experimental myocarditis with extracellular volume MRI
02:30 PM    Caroline Jaarsma, Maastricht: Detection of prior myocardial infarction with electrocardiography: comparison of different electrocardiographic scoring systems in relation to infarct characteristics as assessed with cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging
03:00 PM    Samuel Sears, Stockholm: Early versus late MRI post-contrast imaging in myocarditis
03.30 PM    Break


04.00 PM    Presentation of the Young Investigators Award by the chairman of the jury, Dr. Olle Pahlm
04:30 PM    Evaluation of the meeting, and a preview of MALT 2014
05.00 PM    Walk / bike ride in the dunes
07.30 PM    Dinner in Hotel "De Witte Raaf", with musical intermezzo

Sunday, April 28

Farewell breakfast




Organizers: Mathee Swenne & Janneke Gorgels

Friday, April 26

During the sessions, we will make a tour through the flower fields, visit museum De Zwarte Tulp (The Black Tulip) and flowerexpo De Keukenhof in Lisse, where you will see many types of flowers in all kinds of settings and arrangements, and where you will have, from the ballustrade of the windmill, a splendid overview of several square kilometers of flower fields.

Saturday, April 27

During the sessions, we will visit the Frans Hals Museum and the Dolhuys Museum in the pittoresque city of Haarlem.




The meeting is held in Hotel De Witte Raaf in Noordwijk, close to Leiden. The hotel has free fast wireless internet. From the backyard of the hotel you can walk into the dunes.
No need to book a room: the organizing committee has already made the reservations.


When you travel to the Leiden University Medical Center, you can follow the directions given by the Leiden University.
When you travel from Schiphol Airport to Hotel "De Witte Raaf" you could take a taxi (a 20 to 30-minute drive, cost is approx. 55-65 Euro for 4-7 persons).


Those days, the flower fields surrounding the conference hotel will be full of splendid colours (photo made on April 16, 2003 © Cees A. Swenne)


The weather is always a surprise





On April 30, 2013, Her Majesty Beatrix, Queen of The Netherlands, abdicates from the throne in favor of her son, by then King Willem Alexander, married to, by then Queen Maxima.





The 2013 MALT meeting is jointly organized by the Cardiology Departments of the Maastricht and Leiden University Hospitals:


Prof. Anton P.M. Gorgels, MD, Cardiology Department, Maastricht University Medical Centre, Chairman Program Committee
Cees A. Swenne, PhD, Associate Professor, Cardiology Department, Leiden University Medical Centre, Chairman Local Organizing Committee


Other members of the Local Organizing Committe are:


Arie C. Maan, PhD, Head, LUMC ECG Service Center, Cardiology Department, Leiden University Medical Centre
C. Cato ter Haar, Student Member, Cardiology Department, Leiden University Medical Center
Mathee Swenne, Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Central Coordination of the MALT meetings:


Galen S. Wagner, MD, Duke Cardiology, Department of Medicine, Duke University, Durham, NC
Kathy Shuping, Duke Cardiology, Department of Medicine, Duke University, Durham, NC





MALT #1: 2003 - Glasgow - Western Infirmary, Scotland
MALT #2: 2004 - Glasgow - Devonshire Gardens, Scotland
MALT #3: 2005 - Glasgow - Devonshire Gardens, Scotland
MALT #4: 2006 - Keswick - Lake District, England
MALT #5: 2007 - Lund - Grand, Sweden
MALT #6: 2008 - Inveraray - Loch Fyne, Scotland
MALT #7: 2009 - North Berwick, Scotland
MALT #8: 2010 - Norsminde, Denmark
MALT #9: 2011 - Maastricht - Amrâth Grand Hotel de l'Empereur, Netherlands
MALT #10: 2012 - Zakopane - Častá Papiernička, Slovakia
MALT #11: 2013 - Noordwijk - Hotel De Witte Raaf, Netherlands
MALT #12: 2014 - ???????



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