Katrin Meriloo

Organist Katrin Meriloo (1974, Tallinn - Estland) studied interpretation from 1993-1998 with professor Kari Jussila at the Sibelius Academy at Helsinki (Finland). From 1996 tot 1999 she studied also with professor Hans-Ola Ericsson at the Luleå University/Music School in Piteå (Sweden). Zij attended masterclasses taught by, amongst others, Olivier Latry, Ludger Lohmann, Jacques van Oortmerssen and Harald Vogel.

Katrin Meriloo is one of the few organists who seems to hear what the audience is actually hearing (oftentimes, this differs dramatically from what the organist is hearing while playing!). She intuitively knows how to get along with the local acoustics, thus giving her attendance a joyful experience.

On August 8, 2002, Katrin gave a concert in Noordwijk (ZH, NL) and my spouse and I had the privilege to host her. For fun, she recorded her concert by her Sony Discman and she gave me permission to publish the MP3s. Click any track number to listen:

1. Michael Praetorius (1571-1621): Ballet des coqs
2. Anonymous (ca. 1600): Engelendische Nachtigall
3. From: Susanne van Soldt, manuscripts (1599): Allemande prynce — Brande champanje — Susanna un jour
4. Johann Kuhnau (1660-1722): Sonata prima "Il combattimento tra David e Goliath"
5. Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750): Concerto d-moll (naar Vivaldi), BWV 596: (Allegro) / Grave — Fuga — Largo e spiccato — (Allegro)
6. Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827): Allegro (für Flötenuhr, 1799)
7. Johann Gottfried Vierling (1750-1813): Fürs volle Werk
8. Adolph Friedrich Hesse (1809-1863): Variationen A-dur (op.47)

On her website you can hear her play two pieces from early Baroque, recorded in Norrfjärden church, Sweden:

9. PyykkiKukkuu